Clover Kiosk

A payment kiosk meant to simplify your life

The Clover Kiosk simplifies your orders, providing a user-friendly experience with customized options for increased customer satisfaction. A convenient choice for your business!

Automation | Dynamism | Customization

Benefits of Clover Kiosk

    • Quick and efficient service : Clover Kiosk allows customers to place orders quickly and efficiently, reducing waiting times.
    • Customized ordering : Customers can customize their orders according to their preferences with the Clover Kiosk, enhancing the customer experience by providing more flexible options.
    • Reduced errors : By automating the ordering process with Clover Kiosk, the risk of communication errors between the customer and staff is reduced, contributing to greater order accuracy.
    • Increased operational efficiency : Clover Kiosk frees up staff for more specialized tasks, improving overall operational efficiency.
    • Integration with point of sale systems (POS) : Clover Kiosk solutions is  designed to easily integrate with existing POS systems, simplifying order and payment management.
    • Enhanced customer experience : Clover Kiosk offers an interactive experience, allowing customers to browse the menu, view options, and make choices independently.
    • Improved adaptability to various industries : Clover Kiosk can be adapted to different sectors such as fast food, cinemas, events, hotels, etc.
Clover Samsung kiosk on a stand

Clover Kiosk details

two Clover Samsung kiosks back to back

Screen : 24″ Touchscreen with built-in anti-glare and anti-microbial coating, which protects against 99.9% of bacteria.

Display : Full-digital menu that has customizable options.

Receipts : Integrated printer.

Payment terminal : Mounted Clover Flex device for swipe, dip and contacless payments acceptance.*

Connectivity : Wifi, LTE.

Customization : Can be mounted, placed on a tabletop or on a floor stand.**

Warranty: Peace-of-mind warranty.

*Clover Flex is sold separately and installed on-site.

**The floor stand for the Clover kiosk is optional, sold separately, and is not covered by the warranty.

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